Team / B2B Subcriptions

$1,997.00 (+ 20% VAT)

The ability to use an existing and trusted Academy to educate your communities.

All Admin/ Support included​ - Client support & workshops to keep your communities up to date and aware of developments & change.​

- A website, under your brands URL Subdomain, including your logo with "In Association with DBM" ​with your brands accent colours. 

- The website includes ALL DBM Workshops and ALL DBM Courses & Programs​.....

As a DBM Academy Teamleader Subscriber you get access to; All DBM ADVANCED Subscriber Services, including...

- The DBM Academy Gateway Product

- Access to all DBM Workspaces 🔐

- Access to the DBM Academy Support Group on Telegram 🔐

- Access the DBM Academy Subscriber’s only 🔐 Workshops

- Access the DBM Academy Subscriber's only 🔐 Group Forum 

- Access the DBM Academy Subscriber’s only 🔐 Project & Platform Forums

- Select which PROJECTS you wish to endorse under your subdomain (not obligatory)

- 20% Discount on all DBM Services

- 20% Referral Incomes on all DBM Courses & Subscriptions (10% on Programs) from all YOUR teams/ clients DBM products / services sales.