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'Capital Gains Tax for Beginners,' is presented through a series of short and informative videos by DBM Founder / Coach Delriene Smith.

Perfect for newcomers to this subject, this course breaks down some of the complexities of capital gains taxation in easy-to-understand segments. Each video is crafted to empower beginners with essential knowledge. In this video series, you'll not only gain a better understanding of capital gains but also develop the confidence to make informed financial decisions.

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$97.00 (+ 20% VAT)

Master Excel Spreadsheets and Build Your Business Faster

As DBM Coaches, we know that being able to manipulate data in spreadsheets allows you to understand your business and thus grow it faster. Let us show you how to master Excel so you can tweak your business performance quickly when it counts...

Our easy-to-follow 4 video course will empower you to take confident action. Plus our FREE monthly live workshops exclusive to course attendees allows you to ask us your most difficult questions and never be left on your own.

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This Set of Accounts package will save you accountancy and bookkeeping fees as it will allow you to produce a basic set of accounts to hand to a bookkeeper/accountant.

Plus you'll have a better picture of your business month-to-month and so be able to pivot or alter your strategy to build greater profits and cut out unprofitable areas more quickly.

One-to-one Q & A Zoom call included.