Coaching One-to-One, 1 hr | Moira Gray

Coaching One-to-One, 1 hr with Moira Gray

Time Zone: UK / EUROPE

Dedicated to the person who would like a One-to-one with a DBM Coach.

1 hr
Time & Zoom to be discussed directly with the participant / coach

A life long learner, educator, serial entrepreneur and advocate of helping people reach their potential.

Formerly restauranteur in Ireland, UK and the USA, healthcare professional and counsellor. Now full time mother and educator in the blockchain space.

Despite having incredible experience in business and life, what I have learned in the past few years through financial education and mindset is way too good not to share!

Based in Ireland and working in the blockchain space since 2018, I am beyond excited about the endless possibilities this space brings in regards to freedom, flexibility and learning. I'm a true believer in "the key to getting ahead is getting started. Absolutely delighted to be part of such an amazing coaching team.

Author of the courses:
Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Security in the Digital Space with Moira Gray