Security in the Digital Space with Moira Gray

Now more than ever, we need to be on top of our game when it comes to Security. I have designed this course to cover as many topics as possible and give you major bang for your buck.

Having worked full time in this space for over 4 years and worked with so many clients who took care of security on the wrong end of being relieved of a lot of assets, I know how crucial this course is for everyone to complete – the earlier in your journey in the digital space the better!

Join me as we walk through emails, official sites, various ways scammers use to engage and draw you in to conversation and take action on allowing them access to your assets. We will look at ways to prevent them ever getting to engage with you in the first place through better security settings and awareness. I will also challenge you to get on top of creating amazing passwords and regularly changing them along with setting up extra layers of security in your accounts.

On completion of this course you will also get access to the DBM WORKSPACES for a limited time. In addition to this you will receive a monthly email from me with an invitation to join me for a monthly SECURITY Clinic.