Coaching One-to-One, 1 hr | Cliodhna Colgan

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Coaching One-to-One, 1 hr with Cliodhna Colgan

Time Zone: EUROPE

Dedicated to the person who would like a One-to-one with a DBM Coach.
1 hr
Time & Zoom to be discussed directly with the participant / coach


Meet Cliodhna, your Irish-born coach, who is an educator at heart. After 15 years as a production coordinator in Ireland's film and TV industry, contributing to projects like "Dancing at Lughnasa" and "The Tudors," Cliodhna's health challenges prompted a shift. Transitioning to education, she became a Kumon Instructor, resonating deeply with the philosophy of unlocking the potential of children and empowerment through self-learning within the Kumon approach. This laid the foundation for her passion in guiding others.

Fast forward to 2020, the onset of lockdowns brought overnight unemployment, serving as a harsh lesson in financial vulnerability. In a twist of fate, Cliodhna found herself immersed in the blockchain space, driven by desperation and a realization that the existing financial system was flawed. Venturing into decentralized finance, she began the journey of self-education, demonstrating that even with limited capital, one can bootstrap the accumulation of assets through careful deployment. She was introduced to the DBM community as a student and found that the ethos mirrored her work with children. Empowered parents will model that for their kids and that is one of the best ways to support the next generation.

With two decades being “educated” in school and university, Cliodhna is now enthusiastic about guiding others on their financial empowerment journey – all the things she DIDN’T learn in school. Whether you're a crypto novice or seasoned investor, she brings a wealth of experience and an empathetic demeanor to helping individuals navigate the complexities of the blockchain world. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey with Cliodhna as your trusted coach.