TradingView Overview | Jacquie Harakis

In this detailed 'Introduction to TradingView' course, you will learn how to navigate one of the most accessible and versatile tools for investors and traders in today’s diverse financial markets.

The course takes you through analysing financial markets, so you can make your own informed investment decisions, and even develop your own trading strategies.

The intention behind this course is to help you build knowledge and skills to navigate TradingView with confidence - a first step in further building skills that will enhance your investment and trading capabilities in the financial markets.

Potential for progress as a financial market participant is limited only to what feels right for you - with options for more progress to suit you, whenever you are ready.

Enjoy this exciting journey into the world of financial analysis.

See you on the other side, in the lessons.

Jacquie Harakis - DBM Coach.

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