Coaching One-to-One, 1 hr | Hal Taylor

Trillant, AI, Mindset

Coaching One-to-One, 1 hr with Hal Taylor

Time Zone: USA

Dedicated to the person who would like a One-to-one with a DBM Coach.
1 hr
Time & Zoom to be discussed directly with the participant / coach

An engineer by education, Hal has worked with Tony Robbins for 20 years, and spent years in safety management at the Disneyland Resort. An expert in adult education, Hal has 12 years of consulting experience teaching thousands of people technical topics.

His strength is making complex concepts easy to understand. At Hal's first introduction to cryptocurrency, he was opposed to it. Then his eyes were opened to the value and utility in this changing economic world. Combining his expertise in education with over 3 years experience in blockchain and crypto currency, Hal is excited to now be coaching with DBM, sharing this life-changing information with the world, and helping people understand blockchain and cryptocurrency fundamentals, decentralized finance, tokenomics, and how to be their own bank!