All Things Crypto Debit and Credit Cards

Once you have acquired your cryptocurrency assets on the blockchain, you may want to spend some of your assets for your daily necessities. Before spending your valuable assets, let me hold your hand as we look at what’s available in the market.

Let me show you how to choose a crypto debit / credit card (payment gateways/fiat gateway cards) that earns you interest in more crypto. Let me also show you how to avail of lending platforms with competitive borrowing rates. The 10 modules, accompanied by over an hour and a half of short videos, will assist you in making an informed decision before acquiring a card or engaging with a lending platform.

You will find mid way and towards the end of the course, two worksheets for you to complete and use as a guide to acquiring a crypto debit/credit card. My name is Dr Precious Nosisi Jenga, your course facilitator.

At the end of the course you will have access to our DBM workspace for a limited time where you can ask the DBM coaches anything in the blockchain and crypto space. Standard and Advanced DBM Subscribers have access to the workspace for the duration of their subscription. I would appreciate if you could complete a feedback form at the end of the course.

Are you ready to learn how you can spend your crypto? Let’s get started and enjoy the journey.