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DBM Gateway

The DBM Gateway is a bi-annual subscription "link tree" style service. If provides you the ability to help people into the Blockchain and Crypto space with the right Education and Support structure around them. In turn, if you are a participant in any of the DBM endorsed PROJECTS, you are assured the person will align under YOU (your downline) simply by REGISTERING under you in the DBM Academy.

A powerful way for you to ensure your referred people gain the required EDUCATION in the space, as opposed to s being "sold" or "incentivised" into the space.  

You will receive a DBM Gateway landing page where there is a link not only to DBM Basic Membership Registration (your personal referral link if you are a DBM Subscriber) for your friends and family but also your personal referral links to any of the DBM endorsed projects and platforms. 

A button to your DBM Gateway will be visible on the different Project & Platforms pages visible by anyone you have personally brought into the DBM Academy with your DBM Academy referral link should the person not already be known by the system and already assigned to other member.

Access a new way to help others create Asset ownership and incomes, based on EDUCATION first.... 

Due today $450
renews every 6 months

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